The events of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway take place over single day in London.  As Clarissa Dalloway leaves her home in Westminster to buy her flowers, she is walking through an area of wealth, power, and deep-rooted tradition. Along Pall Mall there are a number of royally appointed hat makers, shoemakers, and tailors which serve the monarchy. Through her surroundings, Clarissa is from the beginning located in a specific social class and afforded privilege.

Septimus, unlike Clarissa, does not have one linear route through the streets of London. His areas are described by his wife, Lucrezia or mentioned in his flashbacks. Regent's Park is one of the first places in London where we see Septimus and Rezia.  It is one of the largest parks and is a very public space. It also helps to show us Septimus' anxieties about his return to London society and shows us Rezia's concerns for her husband and some of the embarrassment she feels about his behaviors.